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All-round service for your AGV system: support, communication and monitoring

We support your system during operation, ensure smooth communication between the operator and manufacturer and offer comprehensive troubleshooting and monitoring.

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AGV start-up support / system operation

With ProLog Automation as start-up supervisor or continuing operator, you can effectively prevent damage to the AGV system and reduce unplanned operating costs. This will result in higher availability and efficiency of your AGV system.

Thanks to our experienced AGV specialists, production can be maintained even in critical and stressful situations.

A lot of well-known AGV suppliers have been relying on our competence and flexibility for years.

Start-up support / plant operation

As an AGV specialist, we offer you support for your plant during ongoing operation (one shift / two shifts / three shifts, 24/7) for new plants or plant expansions.

As first-level support, we act as an interface between the operator (maintenance, maintenance team) and the system manufacturer.

In the start-up phase of a new or extended AGV system, the first steps after commissioning are often still problematic. The vehicles (=AGV for automated guided vehicles) usually do not yet drive faultlessly and are therefore supervised by one of our shift support teams.

During production, the automatically operated AGVs are actively accompanied by our team, which means that a wide variety of processes can be followed in real time.

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Ziel der FTS Maßnahme

Aim of the measure

Long-term stabilisation and efficient optimisation of the automated processes of your plant.

Your advantages

No risk

When you choose us at ProLog Automation, you can rely on over 30 years of experience.

Save money

Through our commitment, your commissioning staff is relieved and can start working directly after the AGV installation.

Increase availability

Our know-how enables us to react proactively to problems and disruptions.

Individual AGV start-up assistance

Didn’t find the right offer for you? Then get in touch with us. Our experts will work out your model with you.

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