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BlueBotics and ProLog Automation join forces to further develop the German AGV market

The Swiss market leader for vehicle navigation and the Stuttgart experts for driverless transport systems want to bring the advantages of 'ANT-controlled' AGV solutions closer to German companies.

25 April 2023 – Stuttgart, Germany – BlueBotics and ProLog Automation have formed a strategic partnership to drive the adoption of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in the German manufacturing and logistics industry.

This means that ProLog Automation is now BlueBotics’ main partner for the German market. BlueBotics and ProLog Automation have entered into a strategic partnership to drive the adoption of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in the German manufacturing and logistics industry. BlueBotics and ProLog Automation join forces to further develop the German AGV market.

Gif das die Partnerschaft von bluebotics und ProLog veranschaulicht

Under the agreement, BlueBotics engineers will provide ProLog’s AGV consulting and integration teams with extensive training in the company’s Autonomous Navigation Technology (ANT) – a predominantly software-based platform that enables companies to build robust, scalable to interoperable fleets of ‘ANT-controlled’ vehicles across multiple brands.
“This collaboration is a real godsend, combining our team’s deep industry knowledge with ANT technology, clearly today’s leading AGV navigation platform,” explains Marco Bernstein, Head of Partner Management at ProLog Automation. “Equipped with our own team of ANT experts here at ProLog and working closely with BlueBotics as well as its vehicle partners, we can help even more German companies benefit from the efficiency and productivity advantages that mobile robots hold.”

“This partnership is highly gratifying news for BlueBotics. Germany is the most developed market for industrial and mobile robotics in Europe, and ProLog Automation plays a key role in its growth,” comments Dr Nicola Tomatis, CEO of BlueBotics. “Together we will enable even more German companies to benefit from the flexibility and robustness of ANT technology – and from the ANT-controlled vehicles of our partners: For more successful German AGV projects and thus more competitive German companies in these difficult times.”

BlueBotics’ Autonomous Navigation Technology (ANT) is considered the market-leading contour navigation technology for automated vehicles. As of today, there are more than 4,000 ‘ANT-controlled’ AGVs in operation worldwide. Over 100 different models are already on the market and more are added every month.

About BlueBotics

BlueBotics is considered a reference provider for contour navigation (Natural Feature Navigation), which has made it its mission to support companies with the challenges of vehicle automation. Based on over 20 years of industry experience, BlueBotics provides the Autonomous Navigation Technology (ANT) and expert support that helps its customers successfully bring their Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), automated forklift truck or mobile robot to market. More than 4,000 vehicles worldwide are currently reliably controlled with ANT technology. In addition, BlueBotics has launched the information platform, where decision-makers can learn how mobile robotics can ensure the success of their business.
BlueBotics is a company of the ZAPI GROUP.

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About ProLog Automation

ProLog Automation is a service provider in the field of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) for users and manufacturers of AGVs and AMR. The FTS experts make it their business to realise the projects and the service in a cost-effective and timely manner to enable a fast and professional project realisation. ProLog Automation supports AGV and AMR manufacturers in their aftersales business with their customers in the areas of maintenance, repairs, modifications and service hotline. For users of AGVs and AMR, they offer services in the form of consultancy packages, simulations, project management, training and mentoring. ProLog’s partners and customers include renowned manufacturers of AGVs and AMRs, medium-sized companies and corporations.

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